Golf Club Membership Guest Rules | Aldarra Golf Club

Dress Code:

All guests whenever on the premises of Aldarra, regardless of the purpose of the visit, shall be suitably attired in traditional business or golf attire.

Men – Golf shoes with soft spikes, long or short-sleeve shirts with a collar (shirts must be kept tucked into trousers at all times). Sweaters, golf or casual-type slacks or short pants (Bermuda style) worn with an inseam of not less than eight (8) inches. Headwear should be of a traditional golfing style and not worn backwards. Headwear is not allowed while sitting in the grill or library (walking through these areas with a hat is acceptable).

Women – Golf shoes with soft spikes, blouses, sweaters, skirts, slacks or shorts (Bermuda style) worn with an inseam of not less than eight (8) inches.

Juniors and Intermediate – All junior and intermediate guests must adhere to the dress code as described above with respect to their gender.

The following attire is not acceptable for anyone at any time: jeans or denim of any type, tank-tops, halter-tops, cut off pants, tennis shorts, bathing suits, tee shirts, warm-up suits or gymnasium attire.

Members are responsible for their guests' deportment and ensuring they are properly attired. Members and guests not so attired will be asked to dress appropriately before being allowed to use the club facilities.

Changing of shoes or clothing in parking lot is prohibited.

No towels are allowed to be worn on person.

Use of cellular phones for telephone calls on the golf course and in the clubhouse (other than in the locker rooms) is prohibited. Any cellular phone or similar device brought on the golf course or in the clubhouse must be in silent mode.

Laptop/Tablet computers are only allowed in the men's or ladies' locker rooms.

Personal speakers and playing of music on the golf course is not allowed.

1. Practice Tees, Fairways, Bunkers and Greens

Practice shall be confined to designated practice greens, tees, fairways and bunkers. All practicing on the regular course, including putting on and approaching to regular greens and all practice on regular tees and fairways, is prohibited. All practice areas are restricted to members with golfing privileges and their golfing guests who have been registered at the pro shop and for whom a guest fee has been paid or waived.

2. Power Carts and Pull Carts

a. Members and guests must observe power cart rules and designated routes for power carts as posted on the carts and on the course. Privately owned power carts are prohibited at all times. Operators of power carts must have a state driver’s license.

b. Privately-owned pull carts are prohibited. Pull cart users must comply with pull cart rules and designated routes for pull carts as posted.

3. Care of the Course

Guests are expected to:
a. Repair all ball marks and replace all divots whenever made and wherever seen.

b. Refrain from walking on the practice putting green in front of the clubhouse except when practicing putting.

c. Rake all foot or club marks in bunkers after playing out of them. Enter and leave all bunkers at the lowest point. Rakes shall be replaced in the following manner:  the head of the rake in the bunker and only the end of the handle resting on the grass edge of the bunker.  Every effort should be made to leave the bunker in the best possible condition for the next player that happens to hit their ball there.

d. Do not use the putter for removing the ball from the hole.

4. Smoking is not allowed in the clubhouse.

5. Club employees are not authorized to accept cash payments for purchases of services by members, except for caddies.

6. No gratuity shall be given by any member (or guest) to any employee of Aldarra.

Members violating this rule subject themselves to discipline and could cause the prompt discharge of any employee who received such a prohibited gratuity.